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World's Fastest Electric Kick-Scooter Just Got Faster! DUALPED Scorpion & DUALPED Scorpion + And DUALPED's Now From ONLY $899USD

Why spend $6K + elsewhere and be left behind?

From as little as $899 (Dualped Cruiser) or $2450 (Dualped Speed Demon) or even $2650USD (Dualped Scorpion) you'll be the KING of the streets..

An INSANE 100+km/h (Scorpion +) will leave the competition DROOLING..

Dual specially tuned 1600W (Dualped, & Scorpion red) & Dual specially tuned 2500W (Scorpion + black) motors designed from the ground up (NOT avail elsewhere on the planet) for high RPM's and high output insane torque, 2 specially designed controllers at 40 amps (Scorpion) & 45 amps (Scorpion +) with 30ah (Scorpion) & 38.5ah (Scorpion +) Premium Samsung cells..

Front air suspension & rear dual springs with dual charging ability 7.5h from empty & YES they come with a seat..

USA & Canada 5-10 business for delivery when in stock..Allow 4-8 weeks for delivery world-wide via UPS or Fed-X depending where you live.

Warranty is 6 months on parts and 1 year on the battery on scooters over $2,000 and Scooters under $2000 have a 3 month parts and 6 month battery warranty, Customers are responsible for the costs involved with shipping a warranty item. There are no refunds all sales are final. Product failures that occur due to extensive use, severe impacts, wear and tear, improper installation, or lack of proper maintenance are not eligible for warranty.

Leave the competition in the dust!

More torque & power than the $6000 Korean competitors!

Unlike the rest we give you our direct cell # where you can call us 24/7 for assistance at 647-951-4207..

Dualped Scorpion + World's Fastest Kick-scooter

Dualped Scorpion & Scorpion + From Only 2650 USD


Please Check Your Local Laws

1 - The Dualped has been designed to be ridden on off-road or high-speed tracks. Please check your local laws before riding it.

2 - Rider must have previous riding experience and should ride responsibly, we do not condone high speeds. Minimum rider age should be 18.

3 - Always wear a helmet and full race gear. Serious injuries or death can occur.

4 - Never ride while raining or on wet roads.

The DualPed Bows To Nobody! The World's Fastest Scooter

There are competitors but they can't catch us..the DualPed is too fast for them..we PROVE our speeds with GARMIN & GoPro GPS..

There are competitors that claim faster speeds but none are with GPS PROOF...

There are competitors but they charge more..a LOT more..

Then there's us, the DualPed..we charge LESS...a LOT LESS...

So who are you going to pick? The choice is yours..